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Pure Water Corporation NZ – Iron Water Filters

Pure Water Corporation’s DEFERUM water filters are the best way to remove contaminants from water.

  • Remove iron, manganese, dissolved gases, turbidity and other contaminants.
  • Clean water improves animal and plant health, resulting in improved production.
  • Iron and water contaminants increase the maintenance required on pipes, fittings and farm equipment.

Iron water is a massive problem

Iron water is a significant problem around New Zealand, particularly affecting farms on bore water.
Iron water causes…

  • Discoloured water, deposits in pipes & fittings, stained laundry and crops.
  • Deposits in plumbing, tanks, pumps and irrigation components
  • Problems for high-quality reverse osmosis membrane water filtration systems.

Installing a DEFERUM water filter solves these problems associated with iron water, and much more.

DEFERUM Water Filters

DEFERUM water filters remove iron and other contaminants from water, and can process upwards of 100 cubic metres of water per day. They process water continually, without electricity and without the ongoing scalping, cleaning, and replenishment of sand media that is required in conventional filters.

The backwash sequence is automatic, and is triggered by the increased resistance as the filter media removes particles from the water. No operator intervention is required, and by cleaning only as required, water wastage is greatly reduced.

More Information

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